Kimberly Habi / Nov. 2, 2016

Social Events – There are many creative and uniquely interactive options for your next social event. One unique event is a crafting cocktail training class where attendees shake things up using an array of ingredients. Partygoers get to taste what they’ve learned from a certified bartender. Another unique idea would be to have an herbal mixology event. This event is a treat for you and your guest's health – and libations – to life with local, medicinal, and epicurean herbs. Another crowd pleaser trending now for outdoor parties is offering elegant to-go bento boxes. Guests will dine on classic greenery, simple carbs, and tasty desserts, all presented in a three-tier translucent container.

Here are a few creative ideas for Social Events that KDH Event Planning can create for you: Click Here


Kimberly Habi / Nov. 3, 2016

Corporate/Non-Profit Events – How do you set your events apart from other events that happen every night? We recommend crafting the night around an experience they are sure not to forget. Events that get people talking, engaged and that will continue to drive attendance to all your events. This year, treat your company or organization to the most memorable party yet! Step aboard, or inside and experience an event setting like no other. Creative entertainment for events and meetings are trending right now in 2016-2017.

Here’s an article from Successful Meetings – 6 Corporate Event Trends Revolutionizing Today’s Conferences: Click Here


Kimberly Habi / Nov. 4, 2016

Milestone Events – From the flying trapeze with the couple’s favorite song playing smoothly in the background at an anniversary celebration, to hosting a destination trip for the birthday man/woman, along with their entire guest list in another state, continent, or country, we are there to assist in every step of the process. No longer do milestone events have to be boring and bland. People are now going beyond the norm and making things more interesting for them and their invitees. KDH Event Planning would love to be a part of this big day in your life... Here’s an article to get the process going for your destination event. Click Here

Once you have completed these steps KDH can pick it up from there, planning flights and itineraries. It will be an event your guest will talk about the rest of their lives.


Kimberly Habi / Nov. 5, 2016

Wedding ThemesFrom Brides Magazine: Rustic Weddings are so last year. Now it’s all about modern geometrics and all things electric. For a more detailed look at what’s hot (and what’s not so much anymore) in the wedding world, take a peek at these five wedding themes that are super on trend right now... Click here